Indie Face Kick Bundle Revealed, Coming Soon

By | March 5, 2012

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There’s a new indie game bundle coming soon called the Indie Face Kick Bundle. There’s no solid release date yet but they’ve announced the titles that will be part of the bundle.

All of the games in the bundle come with Steam activation keys. Demos are available for some of the games.

Sol Survivor | Steam Page | 75/100 metascore
Still Life 2 | Steam Page | 67/100 metascore
Booster Trooper | Steam Page
PAM – Post Apocalyptic Mayhem | Steam Page | 44/100 metascore
Avencast: Rise of the Mage | Steam Page | 68/100 metascore
Dead Horde | Steam Page | 45/100 metascore
Runespell: Overture | Steam Page | 69/100 metascore
Greed: Black Border | Steam Page

Important thing to note. The pricing scheme has not been announced yet so this bundle could have a fixed price or it could end up Pay What You Want. If it’s the latter, then we also don’t know what the minimum price of the bundle would be.

I think I’ve bought every bundle so far but I’ve lost track of what games I already have. I know I have PAM from the Be Mine Indie Game Bundle, but I think I have Greed to from some other bundle. Bundle overload! Anyway, here’s a pretty good blog post about the Indie Face Kick Bundle.

You can see the official Be Mine Indie Game Bundle page here and sign up for their email list to get notified when the deal officially starts.

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