Indie Face Kick Bundle Pre-order Starts Later Today

By | March 13, 2012

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The Indie Face Kick Bundle Pre-order is supposed to be live later today.

It includes the following games:

Sol Survivor | Steam Page | 75/100 metascore
Still Life 2 | Steam Page | 67/100 metascore
Booster Trooper | Steam Page
PAM – Post Apocalyptic Mayhem | Steam Page | 44/100 metascore
Avencast: Rise of the Mage | Steam Page | 68/100 metascore
Dead Horde | Steam Page | 45/100 metascore
Runespell: Overture | Steam Page | 69/100 metascore
Greed: Black Border | Steam Page

The pricing scheme should be along the lines of:

– $8 for pre-order
– $10 if not pre-ordered
– $15 for a special package if pre-ordered
– $20 for the special package not pre-ordered

This is kind of high IMHO. I’m on the fence for this bundle personally.

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