Bulletstorm 75% off, Steam Daily Deal for 3/31

By | March 31, 2012

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Bulletstorm is on sale for 75% off as the Steam Daily Deal for 3/31.

There’s a demo available on Steam. It has an 82/100 metascore.

4 thoughts on “Bulletstorm 75% off, Steam Daily Deal for 3/31

  1. Chua Tien Sheng

    lol…. it’s region lock here in Malaysia …. coz i see this :-

    An error was encountered while processing your request:

    This item is currently unavailable in your region

    1. Azrael

      Its also currently on sale on amazon for 4.99. You can just use a fake American address and purchase it that way.

      I also run into the problem of games being banned/not for sale in my region. I get around it using friends overseas who purchase the game and gift it to me. If its bought in a region and gifted to somewhere where its not for sale it’ll still work :)

  2. McReady

    Its an ok game but the forced dry humor and quicktime events are real lame. Characters aren’t that memorable either.

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