$10 Amazon Gift Card for $5 at AmazonLocal. Starts 3/20

By | March 15, 2012

According to this CNN article, Amazon will be selling $10 Gift cards for only $5 on their AmazonLocal site. This is their Groupon / LivingSocial clone.

They actually offered the same deal last year on LivingSocial, which they invested a ton of money into. Apparently this site has been around for 9 months. WTF? I had no clue. I guess it’s one of their clone sites like MyHabit.com, which is a Gilt / JackThreads clone. While we’re on the subject, check out Fab.com. It’s a site like the above but for designer stuff. I post things on that site to Pinterest :P.

When they ran the deal last time on LivingSocial there was a limit of 1 per household. People tried to buy more but the extra orders were canceled. I think there were ways around it but it might be a waste of time. With the gift card you could obviously pick up a digital download for $5 less than normal. Seems like a good deal to me.

Don’t forget! The deal does not start until Tuesday, March 20th!

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