Indie Royale Alpha Collection #1 Bundle (No Steam Keys)

By | February 23, 2012

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Indie Royale has put up an interesting bundle called the Alpha Collection #1. You Pay What You Want starting at the  minimum price (currently $5.01) and you’re basically backing 3 indie game projects that are in alpha status.

You’ll get copies of the games in their current states including future updates. Currently Steam keys are not included but usually they only accept games that have been completed. So it’s possible once the games are finalized they will be added to Steam. Not sure if your Indie Royale purchase will include any future Steam keys though.

The Alpha Collection bundle includes:

How the Indie Royale deals work:
– Bundles are available as a pre-order at first for a minimum of $4.
– Once the actual deal goes live it starts out at a miminum of $3.
– For every purchase the price of the bundle goes up by $0.01.
– If someone purchases the bundle for more than the current price, the starting cost of the bundle goes down.

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