Double Fine Adventure, Kickstarter

By | February 9, 2012

Tim Schafer’s company Double Fine and 2 Player Productions is starting up a new project. It’ll be an old school point and click adventure game and will be funded by donations on Kickstarter.

The way kickstarter works is you pledge a certain amount of money to support the project and if the project reaches the target goal by the fund date, the project gets funded and hopefully gets released at some point in the future.

There’s different levels of pledges, which include different perks.

A pledge of $15 or more includes:

The finished game in all of its awesome glory on Steam, exclusive access to the PC Beta on Steam, access to the video series, and access the private discussion community.

This is not necessarily a “deal” but these are the guys who created Psychonauts and Costume Quest. Both awesome games. This would be a great project for them and Notch (Minecraft creator) has been talking to Schafter about possibly funding a Psychonauts 2 project!

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