Upcoming Amazon deals for 1/21 – 1/28

By | January 20, 2012

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Saw this on Reddit. Here’s a list of the upcoming Amazon Game Download deals from 1/21 – 1/28.

Some of these deals can be stacked with the Holiday Promo codes that can be used for the top selling games of 2011 . Keep in mind the codes expire on 1/31.

Crysis 2 – Activates on Origin
ANNO 2070  I think this uses Ubisoft DRM

Sonic Generations – Activates on Steam
Total War: Shogun 2  Activates on Steam

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam  Activates on Origin but requires BC2

Pre-Orders for at Least 10% off:
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Mass Effect 3

For the most part, EA games that came out in 2009 or after can be activated on Origin. Steamworks games have to be activated on Steam, no matter where they were purchased.

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