The Serious Sam Pack for sale at Indie Royale

By | January 24, 2012

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Indie Royale has a new indie game bundle deal up at their site. This one is called The Serious Sam Pack. It comes with 4 games (3 come with Steam Keys). If you pay more than the current price, you’ll unlock The Serious Sam Lightning Pack, which comes with an extra game called Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter (doesn’t activate on Steam)

The Serious Sam Pack comes with the following:
Serious Sam: The Random Encounter for: windows, desura, steam (pc)
Serious Sam Double D for: windows, desura, steam (pc)
Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack for: windows, desura
Serious Sam: The First & Second Encounter for: steam (pc)
BONUS: Serious Sam: The Greek Encounter for: windows, desura

How the Indie Royale deals work:
– Bundles are available as a pre-order at first for a minimum of $4.
– Once the actual deal goes live it starts out at a miminum of $3.
– For every purchase the price of the bundle goes up by $0.01.
– If someone purchases the bundle for more than the current price, the starting cost of the bundle goes down.

The current minimum price of the bundle is $4.17. The deal ends in 97 hours.

Thanks to Chau for letting me know about this deal!

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