Desura Game Deals. Some Free Games and Sales

By | January 10, 2012

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There’s some new free games at Desura and they’ve got some sales going on also.

Free Games:

  • Deity – Deity is a stealth action game developed by a team of students at DigiPen Institute of Technology.
  • Wrestling MPire – Created by just one man, “Wrestling MPire” is the world’s biggest and most innovative wrestling game. This detailed simulation features over 200 characters spread across 9 different promotions from all over the world, and you get to live the life of a wrestler if you graduate from wrestling school to work for one of them!
  • Epic Inventor – Epic Inventor combines side-scroller, RPG and RTS elements into one random ball of Epic!
  • Vegas Strike – Vega Strike is an Open Source 3D Action-Space-Sim that lets you trade, fight, and explore in a vast universe.
  • OpenTTD – OpenTTD is modelled after the original Transport Tycoon game by Chris Sawyer and enhances the game experience dramatically. There are many new features that more depth and play to the game.
  • Dwarf Fortress – Dwarf Fortress is a single-player fantasy game. You can control a dwarven outpost or an adventurer in a randomly generated, persistent world.
  • Dragon History – The main hero is a little dragon called Bert, who is searching for his father that disappeared a short time ago, and remedy the mischiefs that he committed with evil magic wand Eveline.
  • Dráscula: The Vampire Strikes Back – You are John Hacker, a common guy sent by a British property company to speak with ‘Count Dráscula’ about lands. By chance you meet a gorgeous blond girl who is kidnapped by the Count himself, and you, John Hacker, set on a fun yet dangerous quest to rescue her…
  • Flight of the Amazon Queen – The player assumes the role of Joe King, pilot for hire and owner of the Amazon Queen airplane of the title, who crash-lands in the Amazon jungle and subsequently has to save not only his passenger, the famous movie star Faye Russel, but also an entire tribe of Amazon women and even the world from a mad scientist and his lederhosen company, who have concocted a vile scheme to turn Amazons into Dinosaur warriors using his DinoRay invention.
  • Teenagent – It’s been six months since the super secret secret service agency – RGB – started investigating the mystery of the gold missing from the main European bank, to no avail. They are so desperate that they went to a fortune teller for advice and she told them to make an average teenager, Mark Hopper, into an agent.
  • Beneath a Steel Sky – Tells the story of a young boy called Robert who is the sole survivor of a plane crash in “the Gap”. Too young to fend for himself, Robert is adopted by a local group of Indigenous Australians, who teach him the skills he needs to survive in this harsh new environment…
  • Lure of the Temptress – You take on the role of a young peasant named Diermot most recently employed as a beater for the king’s hunting party. One night, the king receives a note from a messenger, requesting the king’s services to help stamp out a rebellion in the remote village of Turnvale. As the king’s men depart on their horses to ride to the rescue, Diermot’s pony follows them, and he is unwittingly dragged along to the battle…
  • Abuse – You have been locked in a prison where illegal genetic experiments have been going on. The scientist figure out how to genetically make anyone go into a rage. They call it the Abuse virus. It has gotten loose and spread through out the entire prison. You have to fight your way through all the mutated and enraged enemies and make sure this doesn’t leave the prison.
  • 10 min space strategy – 10 min space strategy is a compact, quick turn-based 4x strategy. Our goal was to make a space strategy game that is not incredibly difficult, has a simple ruleset, but still requires the player to decide strategy, fleet movement, etc. It has all the standard elements of space strategies, you have different fields to research, you can make your own race, there is spaceship combat, colonisation, etc.
  • Starfare – Starfare is a real time strategy game with a Space/Sci-Fi scenario. The game is about capturing Asteroids and holding them to gain resources and bring down the enemies. The tricky thing is that the Asteroids may not always be static.
  • Metal Venture – This game is a top-down shooter, inspired from the Robokill flash game, but different in many ways. A world with a story, consisting of 9 levels is included. Documentation covering the basic aspects of the Level Editor is available. I hope that people will have fun and be creative, making their own worlds, stories and custom graphics.
  • Invaders: Corruption – Invaders: Corruption is a fully procedurally generated arena shooter. That means, after entering a seed-key, every enemy, the appearance of your ship, the arena itself, the gameplay and so forth – will be based on whatever key you entered. Different key, different looking and behaving game. Of course, you can share cool keys with your friends online.
  • Dead Meets Lead – Dead Meets Lead is every bit and piece of what a challenging zombie-slaying action game should be. Enter the role of the 18th century commander who’s on a mission to obliterate evil, by fighting your way through the island of El Mirando. A mystic plague has consumed the inhabitants of this island and you’ll have to liberate their souls by sword, and travel deep into the island to find and stop the dark minds behind the cursed disease. You’ll have to act, think and move fast if you want to survive the horrors of these wicked parts of the world. And do not hope for any rescue or help, it’s all up to you and you alone!
  • M.A.R.S. – A Ridiculous Shooter – In year 3547, civilizations all over the galaxy have settled their own planets, living in peace and harmony with its environment. But outside the contemplative habitats, the GREAT WAR is raging. As a famous fighter on your way to never ending honor and prosperity, you have to protect your planet from the oncoming doom of your jealous neighbours!
  • King Arthur’s Gold = $9.99 (60% off) – An incredible team-based sidescrolling multiplayer about 2 teams of Knights, Archers and Builders battling for control over a randomly generated terrain.
    • This is in alpha status. There’s a free version also.
    • “A mix of Minecraft, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress..”
  • Antipole = $0.99 (80% off) – Arm yourself with the ability to reverse gravity in this action-packed side-scrolling adventure! With the power to flip the force of gravity, you can run on the ceiling, leap incredible distances, and even use gravity to vanquish your enemies! Try your skills at multiple difficulty levels and unlockable Challenges. Channel your inner speed-runner and find the fastest way through each level to beat their target times.
    • Demo is available.
  • Solar Wings = $0.49 (50% off) – Solar Wings is an old school arcade game with hand drawn graphics in HD. Play alone or with a friend in the cooperative mode in the same computer. (game compatible with the XBOX 360 Gamepad)
  • Octopede = $1.49 (50% off) – Octopede brings a 70’s arcade classic to the 21st century. Manic gameplay, shiny neon graphics and 8-bit style music and sound effects make Octopede a truly intense experience.

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