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By | December 15, 2011

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I get most of my deals from RSS feeds for the various game deal sites. I just noticed Game Getter (Groupon type of site for Games) has an RSS feed.

game getter

I also noticed that for some of their deals, the first 100 subscribers get the game for free. They also had a 24 hour period where they were giving away a side scrolling adventure game called Camy Adventure for free.

They seems to be improving their site based on feedback. They now list whether or not a game can be activated on Steam or not. For some reason they use a little Steamplay image instead of Steam or Steamworks. I’m almost positive Steamplay means a game can be played on PC or Mac.

They also added a link to discuss the current deal. Unfortunately it links to their Facebook page and not their Forums, which is kind of strange. From my understanding, the site was/is originally a big game forum but there’s no button or link that takes you to their forums. The only link is an ambiguous text link in their footer.

Anyway, currently they have 6 deals going on:

  • OIO: The Game, Solar 2, Doc Clock (Steam), Sequence (Steam), and inMomentum

OK back on topic. If you subscribe to their RSS feed, you have a good chance at one of those 100 free games that they occasionally put up. I don’t think being a subscriber obligates you to purchase the game, so it doesn’t hurt to subscribe to a deal. In most cases it seems they hit the minimum number for a great deal anyway.


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