Keep tabs on Amazon’s Late Breaking Game Deals, Tropico 4

By | December 21, 2011

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With all the Winter/Holiday Game sales going on right now, Amazon has been busy price matching everyone and putting up deals of their own.

A lot of the deals aren’t publicized for some reason but some are on their Late-Breaking deals on Game Downloads page. It looks like some new deals were recently added.

tropico 4

  • Tropico 4 – This will not activate on Steam. This version of the game uses Kalypso DRM.
  • The Witcher Enhanced Edition – Directors Cut
  • Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold
  • Majesty 2 Collection
  • Men of War Red Tide

So keep an eye on this page. Might save you a couple of bucks (which can be used to buy more games :P).

Amazon deals are US only, unless you can use a VPN somehow. They use a downloader so all your digital purchases go into a content locker and you use their downloader to get your games. Or if it’s a Steamworks¬† game, you’ll get a CD key that you have to enter into Steam.

See the rest of the Late-Breaking Deals on Game Downloads at Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Keep tabs on Amazon’s Late Breaking Game Deals, Tropico 4

  1. Nele

    Not quite. You dont need a VPN. You just need to have authentic looking US billing/shiping address.
    And of course a Credit/Debit card that doesnt care where you buy/ship (again doesnt have to be a US card).

    The address can be fake, as long as it contains your name.
    Thats how I managed to buy from them, even tho I live in Serbia :P

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