Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition down to $6.99 at Amazon

By | December 30, 2011

I was bitching about the $1.50 or so in my previous post, but it looks like the price on Dragon: Age Ultimate Edition is down to $6.99 ($29.99) at Amazon.

dragon age origins

Should activate on Origin.

I’ve been buying games up like crazy from all the Winter Deals. I think I’ve purchased 20+ games already. Not even sure how much time I’ll have to play with them since snowboarding season finally started. Woo!

BTW, today’s deal at the Amazon Holiday Sale is up to 75% off EA games, with the focus on The Sims series. The price looks like what it usually is when it goes on sale though so I didn’t bother posting it. $15 for the Base game.

EDIT: Reader Spoon Tee, noticed this deal also. Thanks for the emailing me about the price drop!

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