Get a Free Alienware Arena Dog Tag for Battlefield 3

By | October 26, 2011

The Alienware Arena website is giving away free Dog Tags for Battlefield 3.

There’s a limited supply so act fast. You will need to sign up for an Alienware Arena account or log into an existing account.

As of now they have 2524 left. Go Go Go!

See the details of the BF3 Alienware Arena dog tag promotion here.


3 thoughts on “Get a Free Alienware Arena Dog Tag for Battlefield 3

  1. Shane

    They re-upped their keys. Now there is over 9000 left.
    I thought they would go fast, I got mine Tuesday night.
    What’s your AWA user name?

    1. Anonymous

      Yeah same here. Looks like they had reupped it more than once. I can’t even remember what my awa username is lol. Apparently I had already made an account with my username. Unfortunately I couldn’t reset the pass because I couldn’t remember what birthday I had signed up with the first time lol.

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