Signup for Tribes Acend Closed Beta Now. Shazbot!

By | September 15, 2011

Awesome news. You can sign up for the closed beta of Tribes Ascend at the Hi-Rez Studios website. Basically you just register for an account and under your games menu there’s a button that says register for beta or something.

tribes ascend

Closed beta is supposed to start within a few weeks. Read more here.

Loved Tribes back in the day. I remember loading up on a hover jet and trying to drive into the enemy base. So fun. This is going to be free to play btw. Basically, there’s like 4 loadouts you’ll have available to you at any given time. Unless you pay for more loadouts. Supposedly it works like it does in HoN or LoL?

Click here to sign up for the closed beta of Tribes Ascend.

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