Is Portal Free at Steam Store? (Confirmed YES I think :P)

By | September 15, 2011

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Hmm. Right now it says the price of Portal is Free. Can anyone that doesn’t own it confirm that it is free?

portal free


They did do a free giveaway of the game a while back. Maybe it’s on again? Or soon will be?

Edit: If you have Steam open try clicking on this link. Or go to the store page in your webbrowser and select the Install Game button. Don’t do it from the Steam Store Browser.

UPDATE: Looks like it is indeed FREE according to this link:

Update 2: Offer Expires on 9/20/11


5 thoughts on “Is Portal Free at Steam Store? (Confirmed YES I think :P)

  1. Saleen512

    Steam browser would not let me get game but I was able to get it free from the web browser.  Got it for my wifes and my account.

  2. black jack

    So if someone who didn’t already own it installs it now, will it be free for them forever or will they be able to play for free for a limited time only?

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