Gamescon 2011 Promo Sale and Witcher 2 for $29.99 at GOG

By | August 18, 2011

Looks like there’s a Gamescon 2011 Promo Sale going on. In addition The Witcher 2 is on sale for $29.99 at GOG.

Six different games are 40% off as part of the Gamescon Promo Sale:

The sale ends Monday, August 22 at 3:59 a.m. EDT.

Also, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Digital Premium Edition is on sale for $29.99. The banner says the price is good for this weekend only. CD Projekt RED are the guys that made TW2 so you’d be supporting them directly. In addition for those paying in Euros:

Since customers from Australia, New Zealand and the ones paying in Euros pay more than the rest of the world, we give back the price difference (roughly $26 and $16, respectively) in free GOG bonus codes, as a form of store credit.

That seems like a cool thing for them to do. The Witcher 2 has an 87/100 metascore btw.

GOG link.

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