Hellgate London Open Beta. It’s back. Action RPG

By | July 9, 2011

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Hellgate (London ?) is in Open Beta. This game came out a few years ago but the company went out of business. It’s an online action RPG game that was made by some ex-Blizzard guys who had worked on Diablo I believe. It’s supposed to be like a 3rd person Diablo type game. After the original company folded the game was purchased by a Korean company and it has performed well overseas. Now they’re bringing it back to the US. The original game had DirectX10 support so it looked pretty good but this current beta only supports DX9 so don’t expect impressive graphics.

Try it out and see if you enjoy the game play. I think it’s supposed to go F2P with micro transactions but I’m not really sure at this point.

Here’s the link to the a quick guide for starting to play the game.

Click here to visit the official Hellgate site.

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