Battlefield 3 Alpha question

By | July 28, 2011

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I got in the Battlefield 3 alpha last night. It’s fun but I you can’t config your keys at all, which blows. Has anyone been able to remap keys using a 3rd party app like anyhotkey?

This is what my usual config looks like:

  • e = +forward
  • d = +back
  • s = +moveleft
  • f = +moveright
  • g = nade
  • shift = toggle crouch (can’t toggle in alpha)
  • capslock = +run
  • space = reload
  • v = zoom
  • b = +use
  • mouse3 = fast knife
  • mouse2 = +jump

Can’t adjust mouse sensitivity in-game. Going to try my windows setting later. But I run low sens in all my games + I used the CPL mouse fix. The game has the default sens really high compared to what I’m used to. Sucks for flick shooting.

No seems to know how to use the LAV to arm the first set of Mcoms…






2 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Alpha question

  1. Anonymous

    First 2 mcoms are in the open. If you get a squad to load up on the lav you can rush a and plant while the lav covers. B is a little trickier but you can try to outflank on the far left/right while the apc covers the opposite side. Once you arm the mcom it’s hard to cover b because the enemy spawns right there. The lav should give you enough time to cover. Some people have c4 unlocked though so it’ll be harder now.

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