Steam Summer Sale Starting now! That was fast!

By | June 30, 2011

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OMG the Steam Summer Sale is going up it appears. You can’t see the specials right now from the specials page. But if you click on the specials link in the middle of the page you can see a ton of games for sale.

I definitely saw Lead & Gold for $1.24 or something like that. The site seems kind of buggy atm.


Update: You can see all the specials by clicking on the link above. (It’s the specials page)

I recommend waiting to the end of the sale before buying anything, because they usually do daily deals on games, which would be lower than the regular sale price.

So the games are on sale for the Summer Sale, but then they have daily super sale deals. If you wait your game might go on as a Super Sale deal. But if it doesn’t you can always pick it up on the final day.

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