Pick Any 3 DLC for Magicka. Pay $5.49 / £4.49 at GMG

By | June 27, 2011

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magicka nippon dlc

At Green Man Gaming (GMG) they have a Magicka DLC Pick N Mix deal going on. You can pick any 3 DLC for the game and pay only $5.49 / £4.49.

It’s really only worth it if you plan on buying the Final Frontier DLC + Frozen Lake + Party Robes. So, basically the more expensive DLCs.

If you buy the ones listed above it would be $3  + $2 + 2 = $7.
$5.49 / $7 = 22.6% off.

If you’re in the US and you don’t plan on buying the high ticket items you’re better off purchasing the DLCs from Direct2Drive using a 15% off d2d promo code.

Since Magicka is a Steamworks game, you can buy the DLC from anywhere and activate it on Steam.

Also note that GMG pays you store credit if you leave a game review. I think they pay like $.50 or $.25 per review. That’s actually how I got the Magicka: Vietnam expansion for cheap.

Finally, if you don’t even have Magicka it’s on sale for a low low $3.48.

Click here to visit Green Man Gaming.

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