Cheap Gaming Headset $9.99 Plus Shipping at Amazon

By | June 13, 2011

universal pc gaming headset

Amazon has a Universal PC/Stereo Gaming Headset for $9.99. The regular price is $19.99. Note that the Black version will cost you $3 more. So unless, it matters to you I would just get the white pair to save the extra cash. Keep in mind you’ll have to pay for shipping unless 1) You have Amazon Prime or 2) You get your total order over $25. This is a cheap headset but it has great reviews on Amazon. Over 112 reviews for an average of 4 stars.

Currently this site is primarily focused only on Digital Game Deals but I was actually looking for a cheap headset to replace my current one. The mic broke on it from either me dropping it or running the cord over with my chair.

It sucks when you’re playing Bad Company 2 and you have to stop to type a message out. Like if you’re hiding out near an enemy MCOM and you want your squad to spawn on you. Or if you just darted a chopper and you want an engy to light it up.

BTW, Students can get 1 year of Amazon Prime for free if they have a .edu email address. See the details here.

Click here to check out the Universal PC/Stero Gaming Headset at Amazon.

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