Afternoon Game Deals for 6/15 at Steam, GamersGate, etc

By | June 15, 2011

spiral knights - tf2 hat

Um another big post of the all the afternoon Game Deals due to lack of time. Sorry. Busy busy week for me.

Direct2Drive and Direct2Drive UK

  • Atari Games Sale – Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter Nights 2 Platinum = $9.95 / £6.50
  • Midweek Munchies Deal – Fallout New Vegas Digital Collector’s Edition = $12.50 / £8.75. This game activates on Steam!
  • US customers can use promotion code 22596DBD664C7BDD2145A61CA8A00F26 to save 15% off their orders.
  • Casual Corner Deal – 50% off Avadon: The Black Fortress if you use the promo code AVADON.


  • Daily Deal – Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days = $6.80 / £5.10 / €6.80 (66% off). This game gets pretty bad reviews though…
  • Free to Play (F2P) Game of the Day – Spiral Knights = Play this game today and get the mission accomplished achievement to get a free Spiral Knights TF2 hat. You also get double energy, whatever that means. The game had a massive spike in traffic though so good luck in getting in.
  • To receive the free TF2 hat, players must reach the first Clockwork Terminal from any gate in the Haven Arcade and unlock the ‘Mission Accomplished’ achievement


Good Old Games


  • Daily Deal – Torchlight = $5.08 / £3.38 / €4.40

Big Fish Games

Green Man Gaming

  • Buy Painkiller Redemption for $4.95 and you get Painkiller Black for FREE. Both have a trade in value of $1. This is part of their FPS week sale.
  • GMG is posting 160 vouchers in their new forums good for free games on their site. Visit their forums and you might be able to grab one. Right now they don’t have too many forum users.
  • Note this is a UK based site.

EA aka Origin

  • Big news is EA has pulled all their games from Steam. So, probably no BF3 on Steam… Plus the Physical War Pack is only available during pre-release and only at certain retailers…
  • An EA Insider deal has been unlocked for Crysis 2. The discount depends on the number of page likes they have by 6pm PDT, when the deal is unlocked. (US Only) Look on their Facebook page for the link and coupon because I’ll probably forget. Addcited to Bad Company 2…


Sandlot Games

  • Free Game of the Week – Casual time management game Cake Mania 2.

Happy Gaming everyone.

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