Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Pre-order Deals

By | May 28, 2011

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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine pre-order deals are up at most of the major sites. The base price for the game is $49.99 / £34.95. Here’s an overview of the best deals:

  • Steam has the game for $44.99 (10% off). It also comes with the Blood Ravens Chapter Pack and a copy of Darksiders. If you already have Darksiders, you can gift the extra copy to a friend.
  • GamersGate has it for $44.95. Comes with Darksiders and 250 bonus blue coins. GamersGate UK has it for £29.95.
  • Impulse has it for $44.99. Comes with the free copy of Darksiders. Use the coupon code SURVEY2010 to save 10% off your order, which makes the game only $40.49.
  • Direct2Drive has it at $44.95 and it also comes with Darksiders. You you use a 15% off promotion code from the promo and coupons page, the game will be only $38.21. This is the lowest price I’ve seen. Direct2Drive UK has it for £33.90.
  • The THQ Store has it for $44.99. It comes with Darksiders and the unique Power Sword melee weapon (in-game item).
  • OnLive has it for $44.99. It comes with Darksiders AND a free OnLive Game System or a free game.

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