Sandlot Games Free Game of the Week: Glyph 2 – Match 3 Game

By | May 23, 2011

The Sandlot Games Free Game of the Week offer is for Glyph 2 this week. It’s a match 3 puzzle game. When I hear match 3 I think of Bejeweled. The game has a 4 star rating at Gamezebo.

Make sure when you checkout, you select the “No Back-up CD” option, otherwise the total will be something like $7. As long as you select this option, you won’t even need to put in your credit card info.

game deals - sandlot games free game of the week

This free game offer will last until next Monday.

So far I’ve only played one of the free games I’ve gotten from Sandlot Games, but free is free right? It’ll be nice for a rainy day. Plus my lady friend likes the casual games. One thing I don’t get is, since when did all puzzle games instantly get labeled casual games? I mean is Tetris a casual game now? I remember Bejeweled was the big game for Game Gear back in the day. Or maybe I’m thinking of Columns?

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