Online Indie Dog Fight Game, Altitude is $4.98 at GamersGate

By | May 3, 2011

I just noticed Altitude is on sale for $4.98 ($9.95) (PC or Mac) at GamersGate. It’s a neat little indie multiplayer online dog fighting game. It’s a side scroller and you fly around in planes trying to blow each other up. You can pick from various planes, which have different abilities. There are a number of modes to the game. One of them is a soccer type of match where you have to carry a ball and shoot it into the other team’s goal. Meanwhile, everyone’s trying to blow you or each other up. Kind of reminds me of subspace/continuum.

There’s a pretty decent sized community for the game. You can actually try out a free web version of the game, which has working multiplayer. (Click the Play Online link at the bottom of the page.)

One issue is the game runs in 4:3, which means on a widescreen monitor you get black bars on the sides. I think the reason they gave for making it 4:3 is because it would give wide screen users an advantage. The game is 2d so they would have more of the map displayed on screen versus their 4:3 counterparts. I’m pretty sure there are more widescreen users than non widescreen at this point but I don’t really know the actual numbers.

Anyway, give it a whirl.

Altitude on sale at GamersGate for $4.98.

Also on sale at GamersGate UK for £3.98 (£7.95).

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