Metal Drift $3.40 (66% off) at Steam as Daily deal for 5/19

By | May 19, 2011

Metal Drift is on sale today for 66% off as the Steam Daily deal for 5/19. They call it a vehicular sport combat game. It reminds me of something. I’m thinking Hoverrace for some reason. There’s not enough reviews for it to have a metascore but GamesRader gave it a 7/10 and PC Gamer UK gave it a 72/100.

I don’t think the game has a true single player mode. You just play with bots. The community for the game sounds small also but the gameplay sounds like it could be good. This is the vibe I get from reading the Steam forum for the game.

  • Metal Drift = $3.40 ($9.99) / £2.72 (£7.99) / 3,06€ (8,99€)

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