Get Amnesia The Dark Descent FREE at OnLive! 24 hours only

By | May 17, 2011

OnLive just added Amnesia: The Dark Descent to their cloud gaming service and for 24 hours only (9PM PST I think) you can get the game absolutely FREE!

Log in with their client and go to the new games list. Select purchase and enter in the promo code THANKYOU to get the game for free.

Click here for more info.

For those that don’t know what OnLive is, I’ll give a short intro. OnLive is a cloud gaming service. Basically, OnLive has computers at their various server locations throughout the country/world and you use their client software to connect to those servers. And you play the games that you’ve purchased, remotely on their machines. So, you’re not actually running the game, but it’s running somewhere on one of their computers and you’re playing off that. It’s cool because they scale the game down based on your machine’s abilities and mostly your network speed.

They also have a console machine that you can purchase, which lets you hook it up to a TV and play your games over TV. Keep in mind the microconsole is a direct ethernet connection enabled device only at the moment. So you can’t use it over wireless. I think you should be able to hook it up to your wireless router directly and play it that way but I’m not sure to be honest. The microconsole comes with a controller so any games that supports the controller can be played with it. Or you can hook up a usb mouse and keyboard to play that way.

It’s a neat concept because the microconsole is very small and compact so you can take it with you on trips or to a friends house. You can then just hook it up to a TV and play your games.

The computer software client lets you play via your computer but I’ve heard there’ some input lag. For some reason there’s been reports of less input lag with the microconsole but I’m assuming it’s because of the direct ethernet requirement.

Another neat thing is you can actually spectate or have people spectate you while you’re playing games. You can enable voice chat so everyone can talk while you play also. I was actually watching some guy play Amnesia and it was pretty funny hearing him scream at the scary parts :P.

Right now they actually have a deal where you preorder Duke Nukem Forever for $44.99 and it comes with a free Microconsole ($99 value) or a free game.

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