Games for Windows Deal of the Week. Fallout 3 on sale $9.99

By | May 12, 2011

The Games for Windows Marketplace or Live or whatever they call it has their new deal of the week sale up. Fallout 3 is on sale for $9.99 ($19.99). Note this is for the version without all the DLCs.

All the DLCs are also on sale for 50% off it seems.

  • Broken Steel = $4.99
  • Mothership Zeta = $4.99 $9.99 (Looks like they made this half off too)
  • Operation: Anchorage = $4.99
  • Point Lookout = $4.99
  • The Pitt = $4.99

The UK GFW site has Fallout 3 on sale for £7.49 (£14.99) and all the DLCs are £3.37. Not sure why Zeta is more expensive in the US.

If you buy Fallout 3 plus all the DLCs it’ll be about $35, which would be a bad deal. You can get the Game of the Year edition at Direct2Drive for $29.95 or $25.45 after a 15% off coupon.

However, If you just want the regular game and maybe one or 2 DLCs it’s a pretty good deal.

EDIT: Mothership Zeta is now 50% off in the US also, so it’s on sale for only $4.99.

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