Amazon One Day Sale on Video Games. Gold Box event. All day

By | May 18, 2011


amazon video games event

Amazon sent out an email saying that Video Games would be on sale all day as a special Gold Box event. The gold box item is a product that is on sale for a couple of hours during the day and is limited to the supply on hand or the time period. Hopefully they’ll be including some digital download games.

The Special One Day Sale on Video Games starts at 2:01 am Pacific time, Wednesday, May 18th.

I’ll try to update this post throughout the day if any digital games pop up.

The Deals


Deal of the Day = Looks like the DOTD is Crysis 2 for $34.99 but the digital download version isn’t on sale… Only the consoles and PC CD version. They’ve updated the price for the PC Download version and it’s now only $29.99.

This is the possible lineup based on the clues given by Amazon. Times are all for PDT.

6AM =┬áDead Space 2, but not for PC Download. $19.99 – $39.99.
7AM = Dragon Age 2, but again not for PC Download. $39.95.
8AM = Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy – PSP. $19.99
10AM = Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection – PSP. $19.99
12PM = NBA 2K11. Console Only. $27.99
2PM = Rift

4PM = Madden NFL 11
6PM = Sonic Free Riders
8PM = NCAA Football

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