Weekend Impulse Buys. X3 Gold $11.24, Crysis Warhead $8.99

By | April 22, 2011

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Impulse Driven has put up their Weekend Impulse Buys deal. Use coupon code SURVEY2010 at checkout to save an extra 10% off.

Best two deals IMHO are on (prices after coupon has been applied):

  • X3 – Gold = $11.24 ($24.99). Comes with X3 – Reunion and X3 – Terran Conflict
  • Crysis Warhead = $8.99 ($19.99)

This seems like an OK deal:

The following games are also on sale (but I don’t know anything about them):

  • Making History Complete Collection = $22.49 ($49.99). Comes with Making History II: The War of the World and Making History: The Calm & the Storm Gold Edition. (Apparently this is a Turn based strategy game.)
  • Runaway Bundle = $14.39 ($24.99). Comes with Runaway – A Road Adventure, Runaway – A Twist of Fate, Runaway – The Dream of the Turtle. (Adventure game series.)
  • Homesteader = $4.49 ($9.99). Looks to be some sort of casual puzzle game.

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