Tactical Intervention Beta. Game by Counter-Strike Creator

By | April 27, 2011

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There’s a closed beta for Tactical Intervention starting in 9 days. The game was made by Minh Le aka Gooseman the guy who created Counter-strike. Also helped to make the awesome Action Quake 2. Tactical Intervention is supposed to be a game similar to Counter-Strike. The action sounds a little faster from what I’ve read about it. Not sure if it’s a good thing. I personally thought <= 1.6 was pretty damn good. I remember when you could jump and use the m4 to dome people. Source was still awesome but not quite as good. Anyway, I’m still excited to try this game out.

There’s a European Closed beta that starts in 9 days; on May 6. Basically you just need a beta key and you can join in on the action. The thing is they have a promotion going on now. Every beta key is good for six activations. The more people that use your key the more in game money you get or something. Not sure exactly. But the promotion is good because people are openly sharing their keys.

First thing I’ll say is the Mayngames site is horrible. It’s slow as hell. The signup/activation process was a pain in the ass. If you decide to try for the beta definitely:

  1. Sign up for the account first. http://ti.mayngames.com/main/
  2. Activate it.
  3. Then login before entering your beta key.

Otherwise the site will complain and you’ll rage like I did.

I personally didn’t get a beta key but I found one online. I found 2 sites you might be able to find a key from:

Also the Good Latest search has been popping up some. Also I’d assume twitter would be a good place to find some.

Here’s a key that I just found on Twitter: DAAC 649B CDD3 410C

Please share any beta keys you find or have in the comments. It’ll help everyone out. You get free points and someone else gets to try the game out! Also post your comments on the game. Excited for the game or not?

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