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Steam: Deals as of 12/19

Steam has some deals live for the weekend. Daily deal for 12/19 Reus + REIS $13 Reus $2 Renowned Explorers: International Society $12 Weekend Deals Sword Coast Legends $20 Sword Coast Legends Digital Deluxe $30 There’s a free weekend going on for this game. Play it for free until Sunday. Kerbal Space Program $24 Call… Read More »

Steam: Klei, Grav, Zombie Playground, More Deals

Steam has a number of deals available. Daily deal for 11/13 Zombie Playground $11.24 Klei Publisher Weekend Sale All Klei titles are free to play for the weekend. Play the games for free until Sunday. Klei Weekend Bundle $30 Invisible, Inc. + Contingency Plan Bundle $14.39 Don’t Starve MEGA PACK $13.79 Crypt of the NecroDancer… Read More »