SimCity $32, Europa Universalis III Chronicles free; GameFly

By | April 9, 2013

Some deals up at GameFly / GameFly UK.

SimCity is on sale for $39.99 (33% off). Use the April 20% off coupon to make the game only $31.99. Requires Origin activation.

The 20% off coupon is:

(Update: Looks like the coupon no longer works on SimCity. Thanks to Alex for the heads up).

Europa Universalis III Chronicles is currently free. Most likely requires the GameFly app.

The rest of the deals (prices are BEFORE 20% off coupon):
Victoria II = $8.99
Victoria II: A House Divided = $4.49
Victoria Complete = $4.49
Grid 2 = $44.99  (Steam)
King Arthur Collection = $6.79
Magicka Collection Edition = $10.20 (Steam)
Cities in Motion Collection = $17.49 (Steam)

GameFly / GameFly UK

2 thoughts on “SimCity $32, Europa Universalis III Chronicles free; GameFly

  1. Alexander Kittrell

    This code seems to no longer work with GameFly as of 4/10/13. Keep getting an error like this: “This code is no longer available for this purchase”. This is the PC Windows version btw.

    1. w00py

      Yep, you’re right. Just tested and the code works on the other deals, just not SimCity. Thanks for letting everyone know.

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