RIFT Full Game + Expansion + 30 Day Sub with Raptr Rewards

By | April 26, 2013

Raptr has a new reward deal up for a Free copy of RIFT.

To get your free copy:
1) Log in or sign up for an account at Raptr.
2) Download, install, then run the lite version of their client.
3) Play the RIFT free version for 11 hours (which can be done by leaving the game logged into a character over night.)
4) Go back to Raptr site and get your code and free game.

Discover a dynamic fantasy world where eight primal forces battle for control in the ever changing landscape of RIFT. Gamers ranked Experienced or above in RIFT can earn a free copy of the original RIFT game, Storm Legion expansion, and 30-days of complimentary game time!

Existing RIFT gamers will receive the expansion!

Work towards this reward by playing the free version of the game and begin logging hours immediately. Once you have reached Experienced the game is yours!

RIFT free game via raptr rewards

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