Tribes Ascend Closed Beta starts Nov 4. VIPs get auto access

By | October 12, 2011

The official date of the Tribes Ascend closed beta was announced yesterday. It starts on November 4, 2011. In addition, they announced a special $29.99 VIP package that comes with gauranteed access to the closed beta.

What are the minimum system requirements to participate in the Tribes: Ascend Closed Beta?

The final system specifications for the launched game have not been deteremined. However, players in the Closed Beta should have specs in line with those provided in this article.

How can I guarantee a slot in the Tribes: Ascend Beta?

To guarantee a slot in the beta, you can pre-purchase the Tribes: Ascend VIP Starter package.

What does the Tribes: Ascend VIP Starter package include and how much does it cost?

The Tribes: Ascend VIP Starter Pack (29.99 USD, 24.99 EUR, 19.99 GBP) includes:

  • VIP Status (Value: $20 USD)
  • 800 Tribes Gold (Value: $10 USD)
  • 30-Day Booster (Value: $15 USD)
  • Admission to Beta (Value: Priceless!)

What does VIP Status in Tribes: Ascend mean?

“VIP” is a special account status that will be available to those that purchase it in Tribes: Ascend. Those with VIP status will have priority login, access to exclusive servers, and will earn Tokens and Experience faster inside the game, allowing them to unlock items faster.

I purchased the Tribes: Ascend VIP Starter Pack. When will I get my beta access information?

Watch your email. You should receive instructions in late October for how to access the beta.

In the meantime, those that have purchased the VIP Starter Pack can pre-load the game immediately. To do so, install Hi-Command at Once installed,  visit the Tribes tab, where you can install the game.

Be sure to login to Hi-Command using the same credentials that you used to purchased the VIP Bundle, as this is the account that has been activated for the beta. Only activated accounts will be allowed to pre-load the game.

They don’t really mention what the booster is but I’m pretty sure it’s the same type of bonus that they sell for Global Agenda

Boosters allow you to speed up your progress in the game by increasing your token and XP daily increments for a given amount of time. Boosters also grant you 2000 daily tokens, and allow you to jetpack in Dome City.

So, even if you don’t plan on purchasing the VIP package, make sure to sign up for the closed beta. You might get picked anyway.

Click here to sign up for the Closed Beta of Tribes Ascend.

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    does the 29.99 USD include the game when it comes out?? mis leading ont he website where it says pre-order and save 33%

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