Autumn 20% off Voucher code for GMG, with a caveat

By | October 11, 2011

GMG has put up a new 20% off code for Autumn. You can use it only one time and it expires next Monday. However, there’s a caveat. Green Man Gaming has been taking some flak recently and it’s deserved IMHO.

Apparently, they can offer EA games but through a 3rd party vendor. They’re also restricted to selling the titles in the UK only. So, that means a lot of people that pre-ordered BF3 got screwed. Also, they removed blog posts/facebook posts about their EA titles and the fiasco in general.

So buyer beware. I personally think it might be better to wait for a few weeks to see how they handle things before ordering from them again.

If it’s a Steamworks game that’s already available, you should be able to buy and activate right away with no issues but I recommend caution for the reasons stated above.

20% off = AUTUM-NSALE-20PEC

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