Nine More EA Origin Birthday Promo Codes for 25% Off

By | September 9, 2011

Here are nine more EA Origin Birthday Promo Codes. They are all one-time use. Good for 25% off your purchase. Works on Battlefield 3 pre-orders, Mass Effect 3 pre-orders, Need for Speed The Run Limited Edition, the new Tiger Woods game, etc.

If you want to generate your own code, you can read this post on the EA Origin Birthday Promo Code trick.

Use any of these promo codes at checkout to get your discount:

  • r68bi9pbm36n8w7
  • a4p3o63o2dbuw2u
  • 2m24j44b8aj3g7q
  • y9f33aotqw877h4
  • by8a77zt6996794
  • 48979quf7dz2aa6
  • uibph332m2b86tb
  • 27rdb22b9avby27
  • 649oq63ii73qg39


I actually got 9 of the EA Gun club coupons for 25% off also but those aren’t working on BF3. They’re limited to a certain set of games.

EA Origin Store link.

EDIT: BTW I think these promo codes might be good only in North America. Sorry!

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